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We have something in common…

Hair. The only accessory you take everywhere…

The Edge Plus

As natural as growing hair, The EDGE Plus offers just the right amount of hair with a natural recession allowing the scalp to be visible through the hair. Soft to the touch and malleable, The EDGE Plus can handle your active lifestyle.

Hair The Discriminating Man Has Been Waiting For

For most of us when we lose our hair, that’s not all we lose. As our hair thins, our self-esteem diminishes too. Imagine life with more hair. How different would it be? The wait is over! Now you have the edge.

The Edge Plus was created to overcome the limitations in current non-surgical hair restoration offerings. The EDGE Plus’ superiority begins with a design that allows the scalp to always be visible through the hair. The hair quality is soft, malleable, and resilient. All of these factors enable the new EDGE Plus to blend in perfectly with your own growing hair.

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Transformational Results


“Brenda Mazza and the staff at Ultimate Hair Techniques really listened to what I wanted and designed a system that fit my face and age. The reactions from friends and family has been fantastic. I couldn’t be happier!” Lou A.